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A few words for foreign visitors


Soon after the reformation movement burnt, the sparklet of gospel spread out in our village too in the begining of the 16th century. Already in 1563 local lutherans built wonderfull woden church, which is national monument nowdays. During the antireformation our ancestors had to leave it and be hiden and illegal. The period of secret evangelical services in the woods, and mountains begun. This period lasted till the emperor Josef 2nd. anounced confesion freedom. After it the church, in the next village Komorní Lhotka was build, and our believers joined them.Obrazek

In 1923 the graveyard chapel was built, in the evangelical graveyard in Guty, where the services were held once a month. After WW2, in 1950, the congregation declared independence. From that time we are the separated congregation of the Silesian evangelical chuch of augsburgian confesion.


Our congregation is bilingual, as it is usual in Silesia around Český Těšín. We live here almost one century as polish and czechs together. The national question is projected to our services and meetings we are switching between them. We have services in our church each sunday at 9:30. We also have choir at tuesday, youth meetings at friday, confirmation preparations at saturday, and services for children during the services at sunday in parish. Twice a month we have bible studies in parish.Obrazek

Almost each month we have events for youth, children. During feast ve have intresting celebrations and meetings.You are very welcome here.If you want to know more about us, please contact us: guty@sceav.cz



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sex - lol

4. 5. 2009 18:12

mate to hnusne

horymil - chyba v datu

15. 12. 2008 8:53

díky za upozornění, hned to dávám do pořádku. jinak v českém textu je to v pořádku, ale v english je skutečně 10 let přidáno :-)

tipek - chyba

14. 12. 2008 22:42

Máte chybu v textu.Kostelík je z roku 1563.

katka pszczolkova - tabor

12. 10. 2008 10:44

Na taboře se mi velmi libilo až na to že bylo par detí namocnych.Tešim se na další.s pozdravem katka